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Spoiler: You don’t have to wait for the effect.

This is a question that buyers often ask! Not because microdosing helps with a wide range of problems, as we write about every day. And for another reason:

👉🏼 The fact is that microdosing is a highly individual story. The components of the amanita caps adapt to the body's needs, identifying the cause of anxiety and smoothing it out.

Therefore, the effect of microdosing can be completely different!

It manifests itself with its own characteristics and at different stages of the course. For some, from the first days, for others - in the third week.

Do you feel like there is no result? 👇🏼

Perhaps the reason lies in good health or immunity to mushrooms. Please note: increasing the dose will not increase susceptibility! We strongly advise against trying it 🚩

The best way to achieve high-quality microdosing is to understand why it is for you.

Having a goal will help you more clearly record any changes during the course. This will be your result.

👉🏼 It is also very interesting to observe the action of the mushroom in September-October, when the mushroom has not yet rested, and in winter - they are different.

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