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Visual changes with the use of Amanita Muscaria

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Microscopy and macroscopy, hallucinations, sound and visual corridors, color changes, color contrast enhancement

When using amanita muscaria, such a phenomenon as a microscopy and macroscopy may occur. A researcher of the indigenous population of the Russian north described a person in a state amanita intoxication: "When he enters a room and intends to cross the threshold, he raises his legs extremely high. The handle of the knife seems so big to him that he grabs it with both hands"

The Europeans had the following effects when taking the red fly agaric under the experimental conditions: increased color saturation and loudness of sounds, blurring of contours, changing its position in space, "jumps" of the field of view. When taking ibotenic acid and muscimol, the following effects appear: rotation of the field of vision, brightly lit tunnels and color swirls, endlessly repeating, like an echo, pictures of life events that occurred earlier.

When entering the state of amanita intoxication, the subjects reported the appearance of the phenomenon of visualization of thoughts in them: "Thoughts were immediately transformed into images (pictures)"

The use of fly agarics is often accompanied by hallucinations, and in some cases this can persist for several days. Hallucinatory images are dynamic in nature, continuously replacing each other. Shamans, under the influence of fly agarics, fly through the air and travel underground, see spirits, animals, dead relatives, and other worlds. Shamans believe that these hallucinations are true.

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