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Using Amanita Muscaria for dreaming

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Experience of the Russian North peoples

If a person who has taken the fly agaric goes to sleep: it was believed that the effect of the fly agaric was enhanced by this, and great importance was attached to "fly agaric dreams" - people were looking for a clue of the future, signals of danger.

V.M. Kulemzin writes about the Khanty: “On Vasyugan people were known called pankal-ku (pankal - fly agaric). Pankal-ku soaked the fly agaric in warm water and drank the infusion, which had a hypnotic and intoxicating effect. The people present gathered around the sleeping pankal-ku and listened to the content of his dream, transmitted by him in a delusional state.

A. Bianchi observed unusual dreams in the subjects in experiments with the use of fly agaric: they are distinguished from conscious ones by the fact that during sleep a person not only realizes that he is sleeping, but also – simultaneously with the perception of the dream itself – perceives and remembers what is happening around.

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