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How to use Amanita Muscaria

Updated: May 13, 2021

The effect of amanita muscaria caps on the body: doses, effect, microdosing.

The effect of the use of dried amanita caps strongly depends on the used dose and the individual characteristics of the place, the nature of the forest, the youth and old age of the mushrooms, the correctness of their drying, plus many other activities however, the characteristic and best properties of this mushroom are already manifested at small and medium doses: 2-5 gr. to experience clarity of mind, a surge of energy, the appearance of additional physical strength ( which is not illusory, as it happens according to evidence from LSD, i.e. there is no desire to fly, jumping out of windows, etc. ) Fly agarics do not cause any aggressiveness and belligerence. There may also be a smooth euphoria with the aggravation and "ennobling" of the sense of smell , hearing and taste. No opium "escapism". And all this can last from 4 to 24 hours. For some, with lowered eyelids, "images" may come to life and dreams will be a little brighter, deeper and stronger than usual . In addition, the olfactory and auditory . Any food will seem incredibly delicious, "heavenly", and you can eat it more than a portion. There will be extra strength in the whole body with a light surface anesthesia.

Coordination at moderate doses is not disturbed, so you can do almost any activity. At a high dose (over 15g. dried caps) can cause visual and auditory hallucinations of another world. Visions, insights, understanding of global things-all this has a place to be. Time breaks up into moments , which for a person who has eaten fly agaric, last for an hour, but in reality it will be only a few seconds. Then you get into another episode of the trip. There is an opinion that small undiscovered fly agarics differ somewhat in their effects. It is also worth paying attention to the number of white spots on the cap of the rise psychoactive potential of the fly agaric . In moderate doses, fly agaric gives life joy and richness . No "side effects" from being consumed in the fly agaric trip . There is no addiction or dependence and after using it it is harder to get the same experience again and you have to wait for the reverse tolerance and take a break.

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