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Influence of Amanita Muscaria on the human psyche

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Functions of the phase of excitation of an altered state of consciousness

During the stage of arousal, fly agaric acts as a psychostimulant. This stage is characterized by the presence of inspiration. A researcher of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North wrote: "To inspire himself, the singer ate a little fly agaric before singing... under their influence, he became like a madman... Then he sang the heroic epic in a ferocious voice all night long, including even those works that seemed to have been forgotten for a long time; in the morning he fell on the bench exhausted"

Another function of fly agaric intoxication is the stimulation of the body: raising the vitality, preventing or relieving fatigue, increasing physical endurance and strength, improving coordination of movements

Chukchi, Koryaks, Chuvans use fly agarics when going on a long hike, before going to the tundra to pick berries or collect firewood to make it easier to work, reindeer herders - to run faster after deer.

According to V. G. Bogoraz, " some deer hunters in the Middle Anadyr region use fly agaric before hunting to acquire greater dexterity and agility."Based on his field research at the Hunts, M. Saar notes: "When a hunter goes alone far into the forest for a long time and gets tired there... he will eat dried fly agaric and he will have a kind of intoxication. After that, he will feel good again and will be able to resume hunting."

The statements of the aborigines of the Russian north when using fly agaric have been preserved: "In the hay harvest, I can do the work of three people from morning to dusk without any problems"; "An old woman runs 30 km and does not die"; "Under the influence of a mushroom, it's a trifle to walk 50 km."

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