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Amanita Muscaria Trip

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The effect of very high dosages of fly agaric

The dosage is 15 grams. With such a dosage, a person is on the border of worlds, realities. It was as if I was walking on a fine line, on the edge of a knife, perceiving the spirit world, as a shaman would say, and our reality at the same time. Sometimes I swayed from side to side and I disappeared from this reality or vice versa completely returned here, but it was not for long, then again I got on the edge and went on. It was a journey inside yourself, into the depths of your consciousness and at the same time into another reality - the world of Fly Agaric.

I want to warn you! Do not even think to increase the dose of fly agaric! Take, for example, 10 grams and wait for the action, do not increase the dosage, even if you think that you did not act, or acted weakly. There are a lot of examples before my eyes when this rule was ignored, and then regretted it.

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